Allison Garvin's Story

 Hello, my name is Allison Garvin! I am so incredibly humbled and grateful to have you here. I personally became ill and disabled in 2016, shortly after completing graduate school. I was initially in and out of the hospital, and bed bound/wheelchair bound for the following few years. To say that my life changed dramatically, is an understatement. In 2017, I had both a chest port and an abdominal feeding tube surgically implanted into my body in order to help me survive. I had a GJ, abdominal feeding tube for more than one year, connected and pumping liquid into my abdomen for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because, at the time, I could not tolerate even liquids orally. I vomited everything I ingested. On the recommendations of many of my doctors I reluctantly tried meditation and Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation/meditation)  initially at Mayo Clinic. Eventually, I began working on meditation and yoga at home by watching online videos, and then modifying/listening to my own body when the pose was not helpful for my body on that particular day. I started very slowly with chair and floor yoga, all while still connected to a feeding tube backpack (see pictures of my backpack below), and moving it around to accommodate as I went throughout my practice. Over many years I have improved my ability to cope better with my symptoms through a combination of traditional western medicine, and alternative treatment therapies. And, while I still struggle daily with numerous health challenges, I am so grateful to physically be able to teach chair yoga/meditation to other patients at local hospitals, group homes, senior community centers as well as offer mindfulness based life coaching. Check out my classes, and courses pages for more Information!

Teaching Meditation & Yoga

Today, I am able to do so much more than I could have ever imagined, while bed-bound and on a feeding tube. I am so much healthier today, in comparison to how I have been years prior. In fact, I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training  certification, learning to teach meditation and yoga in 2019! I also simultaneously completed a Trauma-Informed yoga certification and a Yoga Nidra certification. My ultimate motivation is to help other individuals, suffering as I have (and still do - some days more than others) learn to better cope with their own life's challenges. I feel as if I have been given an incredible opportunity to help others that are struggling, discover the transformative benefits of yoga, meditation and breathwork. The coping skills that I have learned throughout my own consistent meditation and yoga practice, are incredible, priceless, tools which I will carry with me the rest of my life, no matter the challenges that await ahead.  I am incredibly grateful to be able to share the beauty of these ancient practices with all of you! 

With Metta - Loving Kindness!


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