Mindfulness Based - Life Coaching

Offering More Individualized Support

Realistic Goal Setting

Set individualized goals specific to your life and feel supported through consistent coaching sessions to discuss progress and reevaluate goals.

Individualized Meditations

Uniquely individualized guided meditations, designed specifically for you. Use the power of guided meditation to assist in manifesting your desired goals. 

Coping Skills

Learn simple mindfulness tools for coping more effectively with your life's current challenges.

Gain the confidence to accept life as it is, even alongside adversity.

Allison Garvin

Mindfulness - Based Life Coach

Allison found meditation when she became severely ill in 2016. She then became passionate about learning more about yoga and meditation so that she could share it with others, completely changing her career path. Allison’s true passion is helping others learn the aspects of meditation and yoga that she has found so incredibly helpful in her own life. She is a certified yoga teacher and she is additionally trained in Trauma-Informed Yoga and Yoga Nidra. She holds a Master of Science in Psychology degree, as well. She teaches numerous, in-person yoga and meditation classes weekly, and online. Allison is also the author of "Living a Beautiful Life Alongside Illness, Pain and Disability", a 10 day course available on Insight Timer. Lastly, Allison is a certified mindfulness - based life coach.

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