Living a Beautiful Life Alongside Illness, Pain and Disability
- 10 Day Course

A 10 day course to show you that there is still so much beauty in life,
even while struggling with illness pain or disability.

Living life with illness, pain, and disability does not have to define you. You are so much more than your body and it’s capabilities. I truly believe that I have suffered with my own health so that I can share meditation and coping techniques with other patients who may be suffering also. This course truly comes from my heart to help you to see that there are so many ways to live your life beautifully, even with disability, illness and pain. At the end of the 10 days, I truly believe that you will agree, that life can still be so very beautiful, even alongside illness, pain and disability. 

Course Outline:
Day 1 - This is Your Journey: The Beauty to Be Found Within Suffering
Day 2 - Family and Friends: Relating to Healthy People with Grace
Day 3 - Acceptance: Again and Again....and Again!
Day 4 - Mind Over Illness: Learning From Your Body's Own Intelligence
Day 5 - Listening to YOUR Body & Pacing: The Importance of Self-Care
Day 6 - Doing What Works for Your Body: Listening to Your Own Intuition
Day 7 - Grieving The Loss of Your Old Life: When Sadness, Isolation & Loneliness Come to Visit
Day 8 - Mindfulness: The Secret to Finding Joy in the Simple Things
Day 9 - 
Sympathetic Joy: Finding Happiness in Other's Joy
Day 10 - Believe the Diagnosis, Not the Prognosis: Do Not Let Anything or Anyone Limit Your Dreams

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