Thank You for Your Interest In Mindfulness Based Life Coaching!

Life coaching will comprise of more in-depth, individualized support from Allison. Receive support and guidance in setting personal goals and in working towards whatever it is you are desiring at the moment. Perhaps you would like to bring more joy into your life again or are struggling with acceptance?  Or maybe you are feeling isolated and would like to feel more connected to others? At certain times in our life goals can be very different. As we grow and evolve our goals should also continually adapt to our current needs, desires and wants. In addition to working on goals, we will explore struggles in your life and alternate ways of viewing and coping with these specific challenges. Mindfulness based coping techniques will support our individual sessions and Allison will personally create individualized guided Yoga Nidra meditation recordings to support you on your journey between sessions.  I cannot wait to get to know you better and dive even deeper! 

I will be in touch soon.

With Loving-Kindness,