Tips For Meditation From Bed 

Learn how to practice mindful meditation in the comfort of your bed and find the perfect way to start or end the day without stress!

Mindful meditation in bed is a wonderful way to destress and relax. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced meditator, taking a few moments to focus on your breath and let go of any worries can help you drift off into a peaceful sleep or start the day with renewed energy and clarity. With some simple tips and practice, you can incorporate mindful meditation into your nightly routine.

Set Up a Comfortable Position.

Before jumping into the meditation, make sure your set up is comfortable enough to keep all distractions away. You can try a variety of different positions, such as lying down or even sitting cross-legged on top of your bed. Whichever way you decide to go, make sure you’re in a comfortable position that allows your muscles to relax and your spine to remain straight. If lying down, ensure that your neck and head are properly aligned to prevent straining any parts of the body during the session.

Take Time to Focus on Your Breath.

Once you’ve established a comfortable position, close your eyes and take at least a few moments to let go of any worries or anxious thoughts and let your body relax. Focus all your energy on being mindful of your breath. Feel the air entering and exiting your nostrils. Make sure each inhalation is deep and gentle, allowing for maximum oxygen intake into the lungs, and let each exhalation flow out without any force or strain. Stay in this state for as long as possible — 10 minutes is ideal — and maintain awareness throughout the entire breathing session.

Retrain Your Thoughts from Negativity to Positivity.

Another core element of mindful meditation is being conscious about your thoughts and deliberately shifting them to something more positive. Whenever you find yourself worrying or ruminating on the past, take a deep breath and remind yourself that everything is eventually going to be okay; ask yourself what can you do right now to make the present moment easier. Then redirect your focus on actively cultivating a sense of peace in each moment of meditation.

Be Patient with Yourself.

As you sit in meditation at times you may feel bored or as if you are somehow doing it wrong. There is no such thing as a bad meditation, so feel reassured that any time spent siting with your thoughts and focusing on your breath is benefical. Remember this is your time - it's special and unique to you - so end each session feeling grateful for something even if it’s your own strength and courage to practice mindfulness and kindness in the moment.